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Thread: [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

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    [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

    Just trying to do my job and promote my own little neck of the world. Cincinnati, OH will have its own Grand Prix Columbus Trial, held at YottaQuest.

    In Saturday May 12th join us for another chance to secure that 3 rounds of bye at GP Columbus not 2 hours from the Trial.

    Registation will begin at 10am with the first round begining promptly at noon. Entry fee of $25.

    Feel free to PM me for additional details, or check out the stores website at

    Hope to see you there.

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    Re: [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

    What kind of prizes are being given out in addition to the byes?

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    Re: [GPT] Cincinnati, OH - Yottaquest 5/12/07

    There will be additional product based on attendance. I will speak with the store owner for additional details about this though.

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