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Thread: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

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    [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    Up some Duals; Legacy for a Pearl, 2nd Place by Carl Wauer, Jr.

    I guess the story of this tournament starts months before the tournament even started, as I started testing my deck before GP: Columbus. At the time, I was Nightmare’s’s first page list on, and decided I liked the deck, because unlike most combo, it had hate in the main deck and the board of the very decks that make combo bad. I tested that very list, making few changes, mostly in goldfishes, but against some opponents, too, but not too many games. The funny thing is, the deck reminded me an awful lot of playing long.deq, so I grew to understand it quickly. I mostly goldfished it and never played any real games with it against any super good decks, but I know how the deck works, in an intimate way, thanks to my general combo training. Maybe I should go ahead and give you the list I ran to second place? Well, why not?!

    It’s EPIC

    Creatures: 8
    4 Xantid Swarm
    4 Simian Spirit Guide

    4 Burning Wish
    4 Infernal Tutor
    4 Rite of Flame
    1 Diminishing Returns
    1 Ill-Gotten Gains
    2 Empty the Warrens
    2 Tendrils of Agony

    4 Brainstorm
    4 Dark Ritual
    2 Plunge into Darkness
    2 Orim’s Chant

    4 Chrome Mox
    4 Lion’s Eye Diamond
    4 Lotus Petal

    Land: 10
    1 Tomb of Unari
    4 City of Brass
    4 Gemstone Mine
    1 Undiscovered paradise

    3 Shattering Spree
    3 Pyroblast
    4 Dark Confidant
    1 Empty the Warrens
    1 Diminishing returns
    1 Tendrils of Agony
    1 Hull Breach
    1 Ill-Gotten Gains

    I hadn’t done any testing beforehand with Orim’s Chant. I just realized the card would probably be ridiculous in the expected Goyth matchups, which I expected to (and did) see a lot of. I really didn’t want to go and play Solidarity because I knew there would be no way Solidarity would win a big tournament with it’s horrible numbers VS Threshold. And one would wonder why I would play a deck that would to most people be a horrible choice going into a combo-control metagame. The simple answer is I Just haven’t cared enough about the meta to give a damn, but I also just wanted to play something I thought would be fun, and I always enjoy storming for the win on turns 1-2.

    We finish my deck in the car on the way to the tournament, which I am happy about because I didn’t feel like trying to find anything. I had to buy two Shattering Sprees in order to finalize my sideboard, but I got to use a playset of BB Foreign Dark Rituals from Revised/fourth edition and foil Burning Wish with my four foil Rite of Flame. We go get some breakfast from BK, and discuss the metagame, and our apparent awe at the fact that half the people who were there at nine-thirty already seemed to have Threshold put together. That was the other choice, was to play Threshold, which I didn’t want to because the mirror match just seems like a really, really, really boring and drawn out event where the person who gets the most Goyths wins. Instead of developing Tech, I decided to go with the good deck I know what I want to look like in my head.

    It proves to be the right Choice. I sit down across from Chris again, Game 1 Round 1 of the Pearl tournament begins. BTW, this is all off of memory of the games.

    Chris with Life:
    Game 1: I have no clue what I’m up against, Chris and I are somewhat teammates, though I am not that active on said fourms. I like my opening seven, and play a city of brass and say go, my hand looking decent for a second turn win. He plays a plains and passes turn. I hugely overanalyze, trying to figure out what he was playing already off the fact that he played a white bordered plains. I draw my card and pass turn, not wanting to walk into a well placed chant or the like. He goes ahead and plays Daru Spiritualist turn two, and I suddenly know exactly what I am playing against. I look at my hand, I can storm for about four or five then I need a shuffle effect. I draw, a useless land, and play it. Pass turn, not wanting to do anything yet. He plays an En-kor creature, and I sigh, knowing what I have to try and do next turn. I fizzle after a Diminishing returns, dealing only 14 points of damage. He had the game next turn either, even without Returns.

    Games – 0 – 1
    Sideboard: 4 Dark Confidant in
    Out: 2 Simian Spirit Guide, 2 Plunge into darkness

    I win uncontested first time he taps out to turn two living wish.

    Games – 1 - 1

    Game 3: Same

    Once again, I win basically uncontested.

    Record – 1 – 0 – 0, 2-1

    Round 2 VS Paul with UGW Goyth/Threshold

    Oh hey, your why I don’t play Solidarity anymore. Game 1 I don’t get much in line and lose the game. To a couple Tarmagoyths.

    0 – 1 in games.

    SB IN – 3 Pyroblast, 4 Dark Confidant
    OUT – Diminishing Returns, Ill Gotten Gains, 2 Simian, 2 Plunge, 1 Tendrils of Agony

    I resolve a turn 1 Dark Confidant. He plays an early Meddling mage, and I attack into it. He of course doesn’t block. The mage is for Tendrils of Agony, as all he can figure out is I am playing some sort of combo deck. After about turn five, I decide to go off, seeing as I am low on life at nine, looking at a treshed mongoose, and do not feel very good about my board position. I build up a decent storm after my unanswered xantid swarm swings in, and get 12 goblins. I swing in twice and win.

    1 – 1 in games

    SB Remains the same

    This game can be subtitled “The game I almost lost because I am a moron”. The game is going relitivly slow, I am getting beaten down by an unkicked Mongoose and a City of Brass I am randomly tapping for mana, to try and get out one of my Xantid Swarms I draw in the game. The turn he plays mage I played a Bob the turn before, after brainstorming into it two turns ago. I put a tendrils of Agony as the second card down, with a dead Chrome Mox in my hand (See where this is going?) He swings, bringing me down to eight. I choose not to block because I could use the extra card for the turn, totally forgetting I am a complete idiot and put the Tendrils of Agony right there. I reveal it, and I feel stupid as all hell, going down to a measly four life with three city of Brass and bob on the table. I start off by taking a point and playing a Chant, bringing me to three. He dazes. I pay with a city, going down to two. He dazes. I sigh, produce B with a city, and ritual. It resolves. I use that mana to pay for it. Storm of Four, I’m at 1 life. I play the Chrome mox I misstacked, five. I have an empty the warrens in my hand, and am somewhat worried about having to play it. I play the Lion’s Eye Diamond which I have no mana to access, for the sixth spell. I look at my hand of Tendrils and Empty the warrens, and look at the mana I have out, enough to pay for one of them. I shrug, go for Tendrils, thinking if bob is good to me, I can win next turn, as he can’t attack with his one mongoose now, otherwise I win. I gain 14 life, putting him down to one (I did have a bob out, and hit land 3 times with him when I drew the brainstorm in did the bad stack). I reveal another land next turn, then draw into tendrils. Thinking he’s at one life, with three cards in his hand, I play Tendrils, hoping that he doesn’t have counter. He doesn’t. I win.

    Matches - 2 – 0 – 0 Games 4 – 2 - 0

    Round 3 VS John with BWU Aggro (Brainstrom, a bunch of 2/x’s for 2 mana.)

    By now everyone knows I’m the only combo player worth his weight in storm. I am sitting at Table one, a privilege I rarely have as I usually suck at Magic. Also, because it’s only five rounds, after this round, I can ID into top 8 if I just win the last two rounds. I whisper under my breath for a good matchup.

    Game 1 – I title this one the Undersorm.

    He mulligans to five, says he’s keeping a hand with no land. I figure there’s a slight chance that the Reanimator deck I heard my friend beat won last round and I got paired up, so I assume he’s just going to draw cards until he can discard at this point, because he said he’s playing a home brewed version of a classic deck. My hand was decent enough to storm for five on turn 1, but I decide to hold back, to see what was going on. He plays an underground sea on his second turn, then passes turn. I got in a brainstorm at the end of turn one and a Xandid Swarm on turn two, off of my one City of Brass I have for Mana. He Brainstorms and finds two lands to my surprise. He plays a Tundra then drops a Meddling Mage, thinking I was playing Iggy pop, and names Ill Gotten Gains. I smirk and go ahead, attack with Swarm, and proceed to combo…. but only for seven. What happened was I thought I had time to rebuild, seeing as I had a swarm out, I’d go ahead and take my chance, having a second Tendrils in my hand already. He proceeds the next turn, land, creature, beat. Turn after that is another creature, beat. I play a brainstorm someplace around here as well. He amasses an army of 2/2 creatures, including two mages (second one on Tendrils), and a couple other guys. I fall down to seven, and make a few goblins for the win.

    Games – 1 – 0 – 0

    Game 2 – I title this one The Game Where I tried to play Tomb of Urari and lost.

    I side in 4 Dark Confidant, and Three Pyroblast for the damned MD Mages. I take out 2 Spirit Guide, 2 Plunge Into Darkness, and 3 Random cards, Chrome Mox, brainstorm, and Tendrils of Agony. I hate sideboarding with this deck.

    I start the game hitting the ground running, first turn Xantid Swarm, Second Turn Bob. He plays a creature on turn two, and I go three turns without hitting any damage with my Bob. He attacks into me with a Silver knight and I take it. He drops a Meddling mage naming Tendrils of Agony. The next card I flip up with bob? Tendrils of Agony. I am slightly annoyed, and fall to 12. I also have a Pyroblast in my Hand and pass turn. He drops sword of fire and Ice and puts it on his Serra Avenger he played the turn before. I cry and go down to five, and Bob dies. My turn comes, and I start off with a chant, which resolves. I blast the mage, knowing I have to try and win. I have four lands and Tomb of Unari out. I look at my hand a long and hard time, trying to figure out how I am going to win. I go off for Seven when all is said and done, and only gain ten life, as four of my lands are a combination of Tomb of Unari and City of Brass. He attacks with just the Avenger, and Bob dies for the team. He also produces another guy, bringing me back down to ten now. I draw and say go. He plays Rule of Law next turn, swings, and I die a bit inside, I am going to take nine damage when all is said and done, and I can’t win by casting spells. I sigh, shake my head, and make a Demon. I block a Silver knight, knowing I just took Seven from Avenger, as if I want to win this game, I have to rely on my opponent to make a mistake. I swing next turn, and he blocks. I scoop.

    Games – 1 – 1 – 0

    I think about re siding, but decide against it for some dumb reason. It seemed like he didn’t have much VS me.

    I manage a quick bob again. He goes ahead and plays mage naming Tendirls, It hits me in the face, tendrils, that is. He attacks into me and I decide not to block. He makes creatures while I am trying to get stuff together, having to fight through a couple Duress this game. When I am at 13, I play Orim’s chant. He says sure. I make 14 goblins, he’s at 18 life with 4 creatures. I decide against attacking with bob. Next turn I reveal nothing, he attacked me for four with two silver knights. I attack with ten tokens and Bob, knowing I am going to win next turn and trying to get bob killed off. He does, and I realize I made a huge mistake. I keep forgetting he’s running SoFI, so I dredge the last turn, where he draws into a brainstorm with five lands out. I win at five life.

    Match 3 – 0 – 0 Games 6 – 3- 0

    I ID, finding out my oppoenet in round 4 I ID with is playing UGw threshold.

    My friend Caleb and I ID in round five.

    I make it into top 8 with 11 points, third place overall.

    Top 8 Match VS UWB Aggro, again.

    This is Familiar. Game 1 I get down to ten with no Mages on his side of the board. I Iggy win with Tendrils.

    Games – 1 – 0 – 0

    Game 2
    Comes in 4 Dark Confidant, 3 Pyroblast, out 4 Xantid Swarm, 3 other cards

    I make a huge mistake, and scoop when we are both at twenty life as I am getting my butt handed to me by Four Cabal Therapies, then he gets some threats and I know I am drawing dead.

    Games – 1 – 1 – 0

    Game 3
    I stick with same SB stuff.

    This game is riddled with huge play mistakes on both side. I chalk up fatigue for that. I play a second turn Burning Wish because I had two burning Wishes and one Infernal tutor in my hand, along with a dark ritual and a couple other bad cards. The next turn he plays a therapy on my Empty the Warrens and beats me down. Turn after that, he lies down Mr. Rule of Law. I frown, and play my second Wish, getting Hull breach while he had two creatures on the board AND a Therapy in the graveyard (He had used them a total of three other times on me already). He plays Sword of Fire and Ice, hits me for quite a few. I give a relieved sigh as I look at his cards and realize I can play hull breach. I do, killing both the Sword and the Rule. I kill his Meddling Mage with a Pyroblast, and proceed to combo badly, having to play Bob as part of the combo in order to make as many tokens as I could. I ended up with my third burning wish in my hand and a Rite of Flame. He rightfully thinks I have an empty the Warrens in my hand and counters the Rite of flame. I play Burning wish - > Empty the Warrens as I couldn’t win at the moment otherwise. I also forgot to bury a land where I should have buried it, instead of once again flipping over a tendrils from my brainstorm. I shake his head, excited that I made it out of that mess. He kicks his own ass for screwing up so badly.

    Matches - 4 – 0 – 2, Games – 8 – 4 – 0

    Semifinals VS Marcus with Good stuff.deq.

    Game 1 both games I resolved Xantid Swarm. He Swords it. He plays a 3/4 Tarmagoyth and I cringe, taking hacks of three and four life for the time being. I get down to nine where I play an Orim’s Chant. I had out all four Gemstone Mines this game, which was completely Random. He tires to daze. I pay the mana. He tries to daze again. I tap and lose a mine, playing Dark Ritual. He lets it resolve. I pay the mana. Chant resolves and I have a storm of five already. I have a City of Brass out as my other land, and one Mine remaining, with BB floating and a couple of Lion’s Eye Diamonds. I go ahead and Diminish, leaving open the City of Brass, and RU for mana. My Diminish hand is very bad, with three brainstorms and a burning Wish. I play one, I draw into a Chrome Mox, Lotus Petal, and land. I set two City of Brass on top, and think about passing turn hard here. Instead, I go ahead and play the second Brainstorm. I hit the nuts when I hit my LED. I promply play it and win after that point.

    Games – 1 – 0 – 0

    Game 2 – He goes first and plays a land. I play a land, and play Xantid Swarm, which he sighs, and says resolves. He goes and plays pithing Needle naming Lion’s Eye diamond with a mana open. I go ahead and go, attack with Swarm, and Iggy for the win, seeing as I had two Lion’s eye Diamonds in my hand. He starts to argue, then he quickly realizes it’s a mana ability.

    Finals – VS UGW Threshold and Jason

    Game 1 – I play an early swarm, he swords it. He forces another swarm, and then plays his draw and gets a 4/5 Goyth. He hits me once with it, and then I get out a chant, and proceed to Tendrils for exactly 20 when all is said and done.

    Games – 1 – 0 – 0

    Game 2: How to kill yourself.

    SB: -2 Monkies, -2 Plunge from Below, +4 Bob, -1 Empty the Warrens, -1 Chrome Mox, -1 Infernal tutor, +3 Pyroblast

    So, this game was bad.I get out turn 1 Xantid swarm, swing turn 2, Get out bob. He swords Swarm, bob does a point of damage to me over a ritual. He plays turn three mage and names Tendrils. I frown and go, revaling nothing useful. I play a second bob and pass the turn. He attacks with a kicked goose and I don’t feel like 1 for 2 ing when I am going to draw two cards and maybe win next turn… He plays second mage on Empty the Warrens. I frown, deeply disheartened at a decent ten life to try and draw a pyroblast. I flip over Tendrils of Agony AND Empty the Warrens. I got in a beat with my bobs and passed the turn, frowning because he didn’t block.

    Games – 1 – 1 – 0

    Game 3 – Tilted, First turn win?

    I draw my opening seven. City of Brass, Chrome Mox, 2 Lion’s Eye Diamond, 2 Rite of Flame, Infernal Tutor. What the hell is this… A first turn win hand. I’m on the play and I calmly say I’ll try this. He dredges over his hand for over a minuet, and then sighs and says He’ll play it. I think about it for a minute, and I take the gamble and try to go off first turn, completely. He forces the infernal Tutor. I take seven Manaburn and sigh. He plays tropical island, then passes turn. He draws into a land for his Tarmagoyth, then he plays on turn four a second tarmagoyth and a Mongoose.

    I accept proudly second place, thinking the gamble I made was just that, a Gamble. For my efforts I got 100 bucks in store credit. I get some missing duals.

    Post tournament discussion. Tomb of Unari is a bad card. I think I want a third chant in the main. I generally every match sided out the Plunges into Darkness as I really didn’t like the card at all. I cast it a grand total of two smacking times all day. Also, I need 2 more chants in this thing. Also, I need to learn how to play brainstorm correctly in conjunction with Dark Confidant. If I am ever playing combo in the current environment, I am playing this, and only this.

    Guildhouse for holding one of the more efficient legacy tournaments in recent years, other than people not know what Stifle and Pithing Needle did.
    Caleb, Chris, and KC: For top 8ing and showing team bandwagon/Home team (In Caleb’s case) don’t suck
    Columbus Guys: For making the drive up to Flint.
    Jason Gerke: For winning the whole thing, though he did have to win through bad matchups two rounds in a row and had to hold a Force of will at the beginning of game three.

    Me for being a noob because I hadn’t played magic in two weeks.
    Ben for being the only person in my car who didn’t make top 8 and still couldn’t win a drain when he failed in the first endeavor.
    Jason Gerke: For having two force of will, two daze, a land, brainstorm, and a creature in your hand game three in the finals VS me.
    Me: For falling for the Weak is weak trick.

    CJ Wauer.
    Still kickin' it combo school.

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    Re: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    Thanks for the report. What would you replace the land with? Would you cut Plunges for Chants?

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    Re: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    Tomb is just going to be the second undiscovered. As far as the plunges are concerned... As much as I friggin hated the card all day, I don't think they could get cut. I am going to go 3 swarm/3 chant nowadays, as chant is insane when your just starting the combo.
    Still kickin' it combo school.

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    Re: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    Yaus! I get props in every report in seems like. Am I that damn charismatic?

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    Re: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    Congrats on the win! Would there be any other changes to the deck other than what you just mentioned? Also, you made some questionable plays. Such as sideboarding out Diminishing Returns and Ill-Gotten Gains, in some match-ups is acceptable to sideboard out one or the other but hardly ever both. Did you ever miss them after you sideboarded them out? I must say your sideboarding is very different than mine.

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    Re: [REPORT] Second place in Mox tournament with TES!

    I chalk up mistakes due to being retarded, like dealing 4 to my self twice. I also feel right about choosing one or the other as far as the Diminishing Returns/IGG slots are concerned now that you mention it. I will probibly usually side out Returns, due to the fact that the matchups I am siding in seven cards, it's Threshold variants along with Gro and whatever else falls under the "Tarmagoyth is silly good" umbrella. Anyhow, I love the deck, and I am going to work on it some more.
    Still kickin' it combo school.

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