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    Site Rules for MTS

    Welcome to MtG: The Source (MTS), the largest non-official discussion forum devoted to the Legacy format of Magic: the Gathering. Before posting on this site, take a few moments to read and understand this site's posting rules and guidelines.

    Purpose of these Rules. It is the responsibility of all contributors to this site to provide a healthy and productive environment for the free exchange of ideas to share, advance and enjoy the Legacy format of Magic: the Gathering. To provide the foundation for such an environment, we ask that all forum contributors abide by the following forum rules. While these rules apply to you, they exist for everyone else.

    While we encourage you to read all that follows; for the more attention deficient amongst us, weíll boil these rules down to two simple points:

    1) Be civil and respectful to others
    2) Use common sense


    1.0 Writing Skills
    2.0 Courtesy (No Flaming)
    3.0 Lack of Content (No Spam)
    4.0 Intellectual Honesty (Model Posting)
    5.0 Prohibited Topics
    6.0 Forum Specific Rules
    7.0 Warnings and Bannings


    A. Frequently Asked Questions for New Users

    By posting on this site, you agree to follow these Site Rules.

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