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    [Primer] Maverick 2.0 - GW/x

    Maverick 2.0 GW/x


    silver bullet card dedicated card versus aimed deck, strategy or other card which stops opponent strategy
    clock limiting opponent time to react (in turns), by attacking opponent, for example having lethal damage in creatures gives 1 turn clock.
    hatebear Silver bullet card which is a creature
    card advantage drawing more cards then opponent, or exchange one of your card for more then one of opponents, or using same card from graveyard more then once.
    metagame other decks which you will be facing against.
    consistency deck deck which have smooth mana curve, along with cards with similar role or many tutors or card selection.
    mana curve counting your cards mana cost and presenting on graph which will be hiperbolic to x axis the aim for this deck is: y=23e^(-x/1.596), where y is number of cards in deck and x is the CMC including lands (need to be proven).
    card quality factor in building deck, every time you draw a card you count your card quality: which is cards you want to draw / all cards, for example every fetchland gives you better card quality every use. In late game you dont want to draw more lands.


    Maverick is one of the most agile mid-range deck in the format. Its agility came from tutors and silver bullet cards which can handle most of situations faced in competitive play. Opposite to most constructions its focused on creatures not spells. It is proactive approach and gives decent clock which force opponent to act and change line of play.
    Maverick strategy can attack on many diverse angles: hatebears, resources, card advantage, protected aggression. this mean it can work:
    as a Control hatebears, limiting opponent play and resources
    as an Aggro big and fast creatures bringing decent clock
    as a Combo locking opponent or bringing lethal combination of two cards.
    All depends on build and pilot of the deck.


    Main goal constructing your Maverick is to cover all excepted metagame with silver bullets along with not destabilize the Core which should guarantee your deck working, and have capability to change strategy for different opponent. The bigger is tournament, the harder to build optimal solution. Each Maverick will be different depends on predicted decks, but they share same Core.

    Genesis and history

    Maverick was on its beginning, a Vial deck created by M@verick (Luis Viciano) focused on Weathered Wayfarer advantage, few deck lists still can be found from half of 2010 on The Council Decks.To honor his invention, name of the deck remains Maverick after his online nickname.
    Interesting note is that did not abandon Vial build even after printing Green Suns Zenith, and made a decent record on BoM7 Legacy Main Event with little tweaked version or their original build.
    Second root is old Survival of The Fittest deck (which gets very popular in 2010, thanks to printing of Vengevine), which aim same goal as nowadays Maverick silverbullet for any situation. Survival get ban hammer in December 2010, due to repeatable tutoring. Few months later, after releasing Green Suns Zenith in February 4, 2011, Maverick was rebuild and gain consistency with help on new tutor, last Primer was from April 2011.

    Next notable fact was Fabian Gorzgen with his Punishing Fire build made top8 in from 1878 players add another approach to Maverick. Year after Green Sun's Zenith, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben join team Maverick in February 3, 2012. It fits perfectly to almost all creature deck as asymmetrical sphere of resistance.

    Maverick was one of the most popular winning deck (based on TCDecks statistics) since July 2011 to January 2013, when it loses popularity due to overwhelming Deathrite Shaman in every deck and rise of OmniTell (Show and Tell deck with Omniscience), but this does not vanish Maverick from meta until September 2014. Khans of Tarkir mechanics delve for drawing cards blow meta to the end for next almost year (read Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time gap). To pair next prints of problematic creature from commander - True Name-Nemesis overclass any other creature in combat, so it become clear that Maverick need rebuild for next generation of decks. It is a good moment after banning Sensei Divining Top which impact on Miracle decks which runs Terminus which was problematic for each creature-centric deck.

    Here it is new Primer, with a lot of analysis and freshness.

    Why would you play Maverick

    If you like fair creature base deck which can be build under your own preferences and meta calls Maverick is the best shell for You. Its agility and skill to adopt for almost any meta makes non-linear strategy, which create perfect deck in skilled player hands. Second reason is market value, excluding blue stamples along with blue manabase makes it cheaper then most Tier constructions.
    Last reason to choose this deck is consistency, thanks to tutoring via Green Suns Zenith makes each silver bullet in deck accessible in each game which can lead to easy win in various meta.


    Maverick build changes in time, actually we have three different builds based on color splashes. Each splash brings options for sideboard to handle certain situations.

    Pure Maverick Straight GW with more space for utility lands

    Dark Maverick GWb list which gives access to discard and cheap uncounterable or mass removal

    Punishing Maverick GWr build which have punishing fire combo, along with access for more red cards.

    Similar to good working system, Maverick build will be decomposed for Core and Packages.
    Each module will be described in separate post:

    Core define Maverick, contains mana dorks, tutors and base creatures. Since Maverick has 3 main types Core will be little difference for each.

    Silver bullets package of 1-of cards which can be tutored on certain situations or against defined decks.

    Equipment package Stoneforge Mystic and equips fits very well to heavy creature decks, swords of X and Y, Batterskull and Jitte brings difference effects as a way to gain card advantage and protection against defined decks.

    Removal package Depends on targets and build there many ways to remove opponent creatures from battlefield.

    Utility lands Since Maverick running 4-of Knight of Reliquary which can tutor any land from deck utility lands brings an other way to gain advantage or answer opponent threads.

    Card Advantage and Card Quality - Maverick have tools to outdraw opponent even without card selection in sort of Cantrips.

    Creatures protection this was separated from Core due to changes in version 2.0 to customize for proper meta

    Mana Curve smoothness:
    Based on function y=23e^(-x/1.596) where y number of cards and x CMC we have:
    CMC 0 - 23 cards (lands)
    CMC 1 - 12 cards (mana dorks, removal and protection creatures)
    CMC 2 - 7 cards (SFM, Thalia, Silver Bullets, CA/CQ like Sylvan Library)
    CMC 3 - 4 cards (Knight of the Reliquary, CA like Tireless Tracker or Ramunap Excavator)
    CMC 4 - 2 cards (mostly used in CMC 3 slots)
    CMC 5 - 1 card (Batterskull / Sigarda / Walker)

    Total: smoothness cards: 49,
    4 GSZ fit to any category since they can be each CMC set 1 to 5, so It's used to smooth build.
    7 cards left, mostly as distortion focused on CMC 2 and 3. That's why It's midrange deck.

    Link to old thread (400+ pages) which was started in 2011.

    3 Matchups


    3.1 Pure Maverick matchups
    3.2 Dark Maverick matchups
    3.3 Punishing Maverick matchups

    4 Bad cards already tested in Maverick
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