Hey everyone,

I would like to share my newest project. My Pack to Power experiment.
I know it's not something verry new, exciting and different, it has been done before, but most of these iterations are around 10 years old now.
A lot has shifted since then. The Prices of P9 have skyrocketed, and the rise of smartphones and marketplaces like cardmarket.com (former MKM) has had a great influence on trading as a whole.
So I wanted to try it again (first time for me to be precise). The basic premise is trying to trade from a booster of the current magic set, all the way up to a single piece of Power 9.

I have chosen Ancestral Recall as the piece of power I would like to acquire.

The whole thing has already started, to be precise. I have made 25 trades, and I am looking forward to making a lot more in the near future.
Overall I think this will take me around a year, maybe less, maybe even more than that. Every trade I make, I will photograph, and sum up the details of it in a blog post on my page.

So if you are interested in this little experiment, take a look at my blog, and if you feel like it, leave a comment. All constructive feedback is appreciated. Just click on the picture in the header or the link down below.