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Thread: NYSE - July 20, 2019 - Long Island, NY

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    (Long Island, NY) NYSE - July 20, 2019

    Are you ready for one of the best Vintage events of the year?

    REGISTRATION: https://events.r20.constantcontact.c...3&oseq=&c=&ch=


    N.Y.S.E. Open VI

    15 proxy, non-sanctioned Vintage tournament.

    Prize support for this year's event is going to be different, though still excellent, and I'd like the feedback of the community. In the coming days, I'm going to post, and ask for feedback from the community as to what you, the players, want for prize support. It's the NYSE Open, so I want to give out power, and I want to give out Workshops. Let's figure out what works for the greatest number of people in putting together another great event.


    Saturday, July 20th 2019
    9:00 am registration
    10:00 am start


    The Four Points Sheraton
    Address: 333 S Service Rd, Plainview, NY 11803
    Phone: (516) 694-6500

    Pre-Registration & On Site Registration

    NYSE Open V featured pre-registration at $125 that was available online through roughly one month before the event, and day-of registration that was available at $150. This year will be the same. Pre-registration will go live as soon as possible.

    As with past years, the NYSE Open will be capped. Max cap will be double-checked, but should be 153.


    Most everyone on these forums knows what a proxy is. A proxy, for the N.Y.S.E. Open, will be defined as the following:

    A Magic: the Gathering card with the full name, card type (instant, sorcery, land, artifact, creature, enchantment, planeswalker), full mana cost and text clearly displayed. This can be done in one of two ways:

    Using a Sharpie, not pen or pencil, to fill in the required text on a card where it can clearly be read. Revised lands are excellent for this, new commons and uncommons aren't usually, as they're darker, and far tougher to read.

    Using acetone to remove certain text from a card that's close to the intended proxy (i.e. Lotus Bloom, with certain words removed to proxy a Black Lotus, Ancestral Visions with certain words removed to proxy an Ancestral Recall).

    Take pride in your proxies! Your opponents should know at all times what your proxies are.

    Using 15 Swamps to make your proxies is a bad idea, as it's going to create confusion. If you're proxying Moxen, please use a land from each appropriate color to make a proxy for each according Mox (i.e., your Mox Sapphire is on an Island, your Mox Jet is on a Swamp, your Mox Pearl is on a Plains, etc.).

    Please use your best judgment when creating your proxies; we know what will and what won't be easily recognizable.

    Your opponents should not ever be at a disadvantage because you don't own the cards. There is nothing wrong with using proxies as you slowly pick up the cards that you need to play Vintage, but please consider your opponents while you're making them, as we're out to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. One of my favorite aspects of the Vintage community is that we look out for each other, whether it's constant vigilance to counter potential thievery, or the day to day stuff that mostly goes unnoticed. Let's all do what we can to make this event as special as we can for our fellow aficionados of Magic's greatest format.

    If you're worried that your proxies may not pass muster, please speak to the head judge of the event before the event starts. Leave enough time to create new proxies, if necessary.

    Using paper printouts of card faces and gluing them to cards is not acceptable! This alters the thickness of the cards, making the cards marked for all intents and purposes. Please don't do this, as the judges will be instructed to consider these as marked cards, and enforce punishment according to DCI Competitive REL event regulations!

    Site Security:

    Theft is always a concern, even if theft has never been a problem at one of my events before. I feel that the security that we have had at all my N.Y.S.E. Opens was what was needed.

    All players will be given wristbands that will be used to associate them with their corresponding bags. You will not be able to leave with someone else's bag, and any time you leave the venue, your wristbands will be checked. If you feel like it's a hassle, please remember that this is a measure that is meant to ensure that you, and all your friends, leave with everything that you brought. Security is helping keep this a positive experience for everyone, so please be kind, and remember that they're just doing their job!

    To any potential thieves, God help you if you're caught stealing. There are cameras recording every corner of this venue; you will be caught, you will be arrested, charges will be pressed, it will be a horrific experience for you and it will stay with you for a while. Let's not walk that path.


    There are a lot of details with the NYSE Open that I love; the Vintage FNM, the altered Karns, the trophies, etc. There is a lot that goes into this event, and there are a few more complications with this year's event than events in years past, so I'm not rolling out everything at once. There will be polls, a lot of feedback from the community, and a great event. There will be many, many, many free giveaways, as I've been collecting cool things for a while now. I can promise you that this event will be the best event that I can make it.

    I hope to see you there!

    -Dave Kaplan
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    Re: NYSE - July 20, 2019 - Long Island, NY

    Registration for NYSE Open VI is now live!


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    Re: NYSE - July 20, 2019 - Long Island, NY

    Prize support for the NYSE Open has been announced!

    1st: Unlimited Mox Sapphire
    2nd: Unlimited Mox Ruby
    3rd: Unlimited Mox Emerald
    4th: Unlimited Mox Pearl
    5th-8th: Mishra's Workshop

    For 9th-16th, based on final standing, each player will be able to choose one of the original 10 Revised dual lands. So, for example, 9th picks Underground Sea (leaving nine duals left), 8th picks Volcanic Island (leaving eight duals), until each player has one dual land, and we then stop.

    And, as always, there will be giveaways galore, with playmats, altered Karns, and a slew of other cool things that I've been collecting for a while now.

    If you haven't pre-registered, please pre-register soon! This event will be capped!

    Hope to see you all soon!

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    Re: NYSE - July 20, 2019 - Long Island, NY

    Need more sweet news about the NYSE? How about this?

    NYSE is pleased to announce that Altfest Personal Wealth Management will be sponsoring the tournament. Dave Kaplan has been with Altfest since 2017 and I have known Dave since 1999. He recently introduced the firm to NYSE and we are excited to have them join us.

    Altfest is a fee-only comprehensive wealth management firm. It serves as a one stop shop for all things investment and financial planning-related which includes: reviewing collectorís insurance policies, buying a home, investments, through to retirement planning, and everything in between.

    Altfest specializes in working with clients in all walks of life from young professionals to retirees, and a niche group itís fully committed to serving is the gaming community.

    On the day of the tournament, Altfest will be raffling off 3 vintage staple cards valued at $1,000, $250 and $100. Everyone who writes their name on a ticket will receive 1 raffle ticket. Everyone who is interested in learning more about Altfest and setting up an introductory phone call if we are a good match can answer a few questions and will receive 3 raffle tickets. The raffle winners will be announced before the Top 8 begins.

    To learn more either come meet the Altfest team at the tournament or visit their website to arrange a complimentary meeting ahead of time:


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    Re: NYSE - July 20, 2019 - Long Island, NY

    NYSE is three days away! If anyone is over the proxy limit and in need of cards or a deck to borrow, let me know

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