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    Re: Lets mix things up

    For those interested in using DCI Reporter for running a tournament (note: This requires that you have downloaded and installed it already).

    When you open the program, you should be greeted with a window that looks like this.

    The exception, of course, is that you won't have any tournaments in the list. To set one up, go File -> Create New Tournament (see above image).

    This brings up a new window (only the menu is shown in the picture. There is a second window that loads up along side that describes what some of the choices are).

    This part is fairly simple. Add in what you want to name the tournament. Select 'Don't know' for the Sanctioning Number. Put in an arbitrarily high number for the Maximum number of players, so you don't have to go back an edit it later if the number of players exceeds what you put down. Under Select Game, click MtG (no brainer there). Under Select Options, click DCI Sanctioned System and DCI Point System. Then click Ok. This will bring up a mini window. Just click Ok. The main window comes back up, with your tournament now listed. Double click on it.

    This window comes up:

    Select Legacy from the list. At the bottom of the window, click on Country Codes and pick one from the list, and type it into the Country Code option. It doesn't matter which one you enter, since this is an online tournament. If people are going to be picky about it, enter Switzerland or something. Put in any city for Event City, and make up an number and name for the Coordinator PIN and name. Enter a random address for Event Address 1. Then click Save and Close.

    You will be greeted by the following window.

    This will come up from time to time as the tournament progresses. It's an info/status at the moment kind of thing. Whenever you bring DCI back up and double click on the tournament in that list, this is the window that will pop up first.

    Now, the Edit tab is a very important tab.

    This is where you enter players, record scores and set up the Top 8.

    The Perform tab lets you perform the pairings.

    To enter a player, type in a single integer less than 10 and greater than 0. Put a space in for the first name, and probably the person's forum name for their last name. Why? Because it looks nicer.

    Once all the players have been entered, you can go File -> Tournament Setup to change the number of rounds based on how many people are playing. Forget Number of Rounds in a GP. That will only work for +50 people. Though if you manage to get that many, congrats.

    To do pairings, go Perform -> Pairings. A window will pop up. Click Pair. You will get something that looks like this.

    For a tournament, you probably want to Print Screen the pairings, upload them, and use the image tags. People seem to prefer that.

    Results Entry

    Double click on a player to bring them up. The numbers are placed that way for a reason. The first button, with the 2 on the top and the 0 on the bottm, gives the player next to the 'Drop 1' selected two games and the player next to the 'Drop 2' no games, for lack of a better way of putting it. The others operate in an identical fashion. On the bottom row, the button with the 0 on top and bottom is used for intentional draws. If a person drops out before the game is played, I find it easiest to just give the person who didn't drop the win. You can drop a player by going to Edit -> Players, and selecting the player and clicking the circle next to Drop. A dropped player will not be factored into any further rounds.

    Once you're done with the Swiss, you set up the Top 8 by going Perform -> Playoff Pairing. You'll want to select Single Elimination, and 8 of course. Click Enter Results.

    This brings up the results entry window for the Top 8. This can also be reached by going Edit -> Results, Playoff. Entering the results for the Top 8 is much simpler than it is for the Swiss rounds: all you need to do is click on the winner.

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    Re: DCI Reporter Info

    This is pretty outdated, and really ought to be removed. 2.9 hasn't been supported for almost a year now.
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    Re: DCI Reporter Info

    Thing is, 2.9 can be downloaded from the 'Net, while you have to register as a TO to get 3.x; which isn't always possible, especially if you live outside the United States.

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