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Thread: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

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    Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    The list..
    James Higginbottom - TES

    4 Lion’s Eye Diamond
    4 Brainstorm
    4 Lotus Petal
    4 Infernal Tutor
    4 Burning Wish
    4 Duress
    4 Ponder
    4 Rite of Flame
    2 Ad Nauseum
    4 Chrome Mox
    3 Orim’s Chant
    4 Dark Ritual
    4 Gemstone Mine
    3 City of Brass
    1 Scalding Tarn
    1 Flooded Strand
    1 Misty Rainforest
    2 Underground Sea
    1 Volcanic Island
    1 Silence
    1 Tendrils of Agony

    1 Grapeshot
    1 Ill-Gotten Gains
    1 Thoughtsieze
    1 Deathmask
    1 Shattering Spire
    1 Eye of Nowhere
    1 Tendrils of Agony
    1 Echoing Truth
    1 Diminishing Returns
    3 Pyroblast
    1 Wipe Away
    1 Krosan Grip
    1 Empty the Warren

    While I like some of the recent changes Bryant made to the deck in the wake of Mystical Tutor being banned I felt like the deck could use one more white source for chants so I cut 1 fetch for 1 city of brass. Also, while Empty the Warrens is really good against blue decks I really hate that decks like survival can fetch up 2 Rhox War Monks and an easy win turns into a slow loss. As ETW and Ad Nauseam have a similar converted mana cost I felt it was easy enough to cut the ETW for a 2nd Ad Nauseam.
    On Thursday night I receive a call from Torsten asking if I want to goto Vestal on Saturday. While I have a car and no driver’s license he has a driver’s license and no car. We decide that we’re going and we’ll figure out a way to get up there. We make a few calls on Friday afternoon but no one picks up. I play in the weekly legacy event at TOGIT going 3-1 with TES and splitting top 4. Torsten and I convince Andrew that he should come with us to Vestal and that he should drive. Torsten stays at my house and Andrew picks us up a little bit after 7am.

    I didn’t take very good notes and if you remember something happening differently please let me know and I’ll correct it.

    Rd 1 - Jeremiah playing Ug Eldrazi Cloudpost Ramp 2-0

    Game 1
    He wins the die roll and goes turn 1 Tropical Island pass. I go turn 1 duress seeing Emrakul, cloudpost, crop rotation, force of will, repeal, and a few lands. I take the force of will. He than plays a 2nd turn cloudpost. A few turns later I cast Ad Nauseam...draw a bunch of cards and win.

    Sideboarding -1 Infernal Tutor, -1 Chrome Mox, -1 Ponder +3 Pyroblast

    Game 2
    He plays a Tropical Island and a turn 1 top. I play a turn 1 duress seeing Fow x2, Crop Rotation, Emrakul, Blue Elemental Blast. I than go turn 2 Duress taking the 2nd Force of Will. The next turn he plays out a candelabra of tawnos. He crop rotates away his tropical island for a cloudpost and than he plays a vesuva making a copy of it. A few turns later I silence and than cast ritual, ritual, ad nauseam revealing a bunch of cards and going down to 6. I play out my artifact mana and than cast burning wish going to get Tendrils of Agony. He attempts to blue elemental blast it and I point to silence in my graveyard. I cast Tendrils of Agony and win.


    Rd 2 - Zoo 2-0

    Game 1
    My opponent opens with fetch, taiga, and goblin guide. I reveal a land. I duress him taking a chain lightning. I believe I had a hand with a few lands, brainstorm, led, an infernal tutor, and a burning wish. I infernal tutor for a 2nd led and combo off the next turn with a igg loop after he beats me down to 9 with the goyf and goblin guide.

    Sideboarding -1 Ponder, -1 Infernal Tutor, +1 Echoing Truth, +1 Deathmark

    Game 2
    My opponent leads off again with 2 early goblin guides. I get a few free lands and than Ad Nauseam from 14 after silencing him. Ad Nauseam reveals a lot of gas and I win easily. I wish I remembered more about these games but they were really quick.


    Rd 3 - Ichorid - Jay 2-0
    Game 1
    Jay told me he was local to the area and had been playing legacy for just a few months. Jay goes turn 1 rainbow land, careful study discarding a troll and another random card. I go turn 1 dark ritual, dark ritual, ad nauseam. I draw a bunch of a bunch of cards and win.

    -1 Silence, -1 Infernal Tutor, -1 Ponder, -1 Chrome Mox, +3 Pyroblast +1 Echoing Truth

    Game 2
    I open with a hand of Lotus Petal, Dark Ritual, Rite of Flame, LED x2, Burning Wish, and Infernal Tutor. I figure as long as he doesn’t go turn 1 cabal therapy and name something relevant or turn 0 leyline of sanctity that I should win this easily. He goes turn 1 cephalid coliseum into careful study discarding a troll and a imp. He than casts unmask...SHIT! I am so nervous sitting there waiting for him to take the lotus petal....he takes the infernal tutor! I go turn 1 petal, led x 2, rite of flame, burning wish cracking leds for 6 black getting ill-gotten gains. With Ill-Gotten Gains I get back LED x2 and Infernal tutor. I replay the LEDs and infernal tutor for Tendrils of Agony for 20.


    Round 4 Allen Abendroth (source id: talon7331) playing bant. *Feature Match* 2-1

    Allen and I have played each other a few times. The first time was a little bit over a year ago when we were both playing in our first legacy tournament. I was playing brassman’s countertop deck that cdr had lent me and he was playing spring tide. I think both of us went like 1-5 that day. After the round is paired Eli informs me that I have a feature match. Earlier in the day I had told Allen that I had read his report and congratulated him for top 64ing the GP. We bullshitted a little bit and I told him how much I disliked playing bant survival in Columbus. We also discussed how good spell pierce and spellstutter sprite are against combo. At that point I may have told him or hinted that I was playing TES.

    I sideboarded -1 Chrome Mox, -1 Infernal Tutor, -1 Ponder +3 Pyroblast



    Round 5 - Dan Jordan Vengevine Survival


    Round 6 - David Elrod


    Top 8

    James Rynkiewicz playing New Horizons

    James and I discuss how well New Horizons did at the event and that besides taking 3 spots in the top 8 the deck also took 9th and 10th.

    I don’t remember very much about these games. In game 1 he got a pretty early knight which searched up a ton of wastelands...normally this alone would be enough but I was drawing a land every turn. Unfortunately a hand of all mana with zero business isn’t as good as a 10/10 knight. I had duressed him early but he had a decent amount of counter magic. In game 2 he mulligans to 6. I go turn 1 duress seeing fow, dispel, spell pierce, and 2x daze. I take the fow and eventually he lands a knight. I silence and he dispels it. I attempt to combo off with pyroblast backup but he just has way too many counters.

    I sideboarded -1 Chrome Mox, -1 Infernal Tutor, -1 Ponder +3 Pyroblast

    Eli offers me $75 cash, $100 credit or a pick from the fetches. Torsten offers me essentially $90 in credit and $20 in cash for the Wooded Foothills. I turn the $90 credit, a beatup Underground Sea, and a loyal retainers into a nice looking german bb Unterirdischer See. I also picked up 2 korean duress from Bryant and two more from Geoff Smelski as well as 3 markered japanese 5th pyroblasts from Tariq White. The deck is starting to look pretty.


    Team DP, TES, and Bryant Cook.
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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Congrats on the top 8.

    I can't believe the hand James had in the top 8... initial 7 of FoW, FoW, Pierce, Stifle, Ponder, Brainstorm, Daze. Or something like that. No Lands, all countermagic though.
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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    The 6 he mulliganed into were also pretty ridiculous.

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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Congrats! Any worries about your life total when revealing off AdN, with 3x City of Brass and 2x AdN?

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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Congrats dude! Was this the same list you ran at TOGIT?

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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Quote Originally Posted by jrsthethird View Post
    Congrats dude! Was this the same list you ran at TOGIT?

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    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Nah the changes made from bryant's list only add a very minute number to the average cmc. Additionally the 3rd city is over a fetch so that's usually about the same life loss. The deck used to run 4 city of is fine.

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    Bryant Cook

    Re: Top 8 with TES at JupiterGames August 21st

    Congrats on the finish

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