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Thread: Modern Horizons Spoilers

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    yeah but Doomwake Giant does it better

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    You can grab the engineer with Living Wish...
    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon X View Post
    The only glass cannon here is the pilot.
    I play decks with a lot of white enchantments, and white isn't even my favorite color.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by aedemiel View Post
    You can grab the engineer with Living Wish...
    Yeah, this. It's better to have 4 maindeck possibilities to grab EPlague instead of having only 1 and only after sideboard

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    That makes sense. I didn't see the list so didn't realize it was on wish
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Cheese View Post
    I've been taking shitty brews and tier 2 decks to tournaments and losing with them for years now. Welcome to the club. We meet for cocktails after round 6.
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    Top quality german restraint there.

    If I'm at the point where I'm rage quitting, you can bet your kransky that I'm calling everyone involved a cunt.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Why can't you wish for giant?

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by FourDogsinaHorseSuit View Post
    Why can't you wish for giant?
    You can, but PE is cheaper, which might be relevant.
    Currently working on: Infinity Stompy

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    FYI, the core set 2020 spoilers started today - started a new thread

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Prices now, two weeks later; interesting to see the changes. Using roughly the same number of cards for each rarity as two weeks ago.

    Most expensive mythics:

    Urza, Lord High Artificer- $45
    Wrenn and Six- $28
    The First Sliver- $28
    Yawgmoth, Thran Physician- $20
    Echo of Eons- $20
    Sword of Truth and Justice- $18
    Sword of Sinew and Steel- $18
    Serra the Benevolent and Morophon, the Boundless- $15

    Most expensive rares:

    Force of Negation- $35
    Fiery Islet- $25
    Prismatic Vista- $25
    Nurturing Peatland- $20
    Flusterstorm- $20
    Sunbaked Canyon- $18
    Waterlogged Grave- $18
    Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis- $18
    Silent Clearing- $15
    Giver of Runes, Archmage's Charm, and Hall of Heliod's Generosity- $7

    The one uncommon above $1:

    Scale Up- $1.50

    The only common to reach $1:

    Spore Frog- $1

    Quote Originally Posted by LOLWut View Post
    For people picking cards up, these are SCG prices

    Most expensive mythics, anything above $28:

    Urza, Lord High Artificer- $55
    The First Sliver- $45
    Wrenn and Six- $40
    Echo of Eons- $40
    Unbound Flourishing- $35
    Sword of Truth and Justice- $35
    Sword of Sinew and Steel- $35
    Yawgmoth, Thran Physician- $35

    Most expensive rares, anything above $8:

    Force of Negation- $35
    Nurturing Peatland- $35
    Fiery Islet- $35
    Sunbaked Canyon- $30
    Silent Clearing- $30
    Waterlogged Grove- $30
    Prismatic Vista- $30
    Flusterstorm- $20
    Hall of Heliod's Generosity- $15
    Archmage's Charm- $13
    Tectonic Reformation- $12

    The two uncommons above $1:

    Battle Screech- $2
    Goblin Matron- $1.50

    The only common to reach $1:

    Spore Frog- $1

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    I know that limited conclusions can be drawn from MTGO league results, but this is a cool list. First sighting of the set's Urza, Lord High Artificer in Legacy, as a 4-of. And I love the flavor of having playsets of Urza, Lord High Artificer, Urza's Bauble, and Karn, Scion of Urza in the same deck.

    // Planeswalker (8)
    4 Karn, Scion of Urza
    4 Karn, the Great Creator

    // Creature (11)
    2 Sai, Master Thopterist
    4 Trinket Mage
    4 Urza, Lord High Artificer
    1 Walking Ballista

    // Artifact (20)
    4 Chalice of the Void
    3 Engineered Explosives
    1 Lion's Eye Diamond
    2 Mox Diamond
    4 Mox Opal
    1 Pithing Needle
    1 Tormod's Crypt
    4 Urza's Bauble

    // Land (21)
    4 Ancient Tomb
    4 Cavern of Souls
    4 City of Traitors
    3 Island
    2 Karakas
    4 Seat of the Synod

    // Sideboard
    SB: 1 Engineered Explosives
    SB: 1 Tormod's Crypt
    SB: 4 Defense Grid
    SB: 1 Ensnaring Bridge
    SB: 4 Leyline of the Void
    SB: 1 Liquimetal Coating
    SB: 1 Mycosynth Lattice
    SB: 1 Neurok Stealthsuit
    SB: 1 Sorcerous Spyglass

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Nice to see the Urza out in the Legacy environment. I've been playing him as my EDH general and upsetting all my friends.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    Mono White manabase skeleton
    4 Horizon Canopy
    4 Silent Clearing
    4 Sunbaked Canyon


    Mono Green manabase skeleton
    4 Horizon Canopy
    4 Nurturing Peatland
    4 Waterlogged Grove

    This could be the starting point of a Mono White deck cheating on lands and add Stoneforge and Batterskull to gain life. I could do the same for Mono Green and add Sylvan Library, etc but you get the idea.

    This leads me to :

    4 Horizon Canopy
    4 Silent Clearing
    4 Sunbaked Canyon

    Irrigated Farmland
    Scattered Groves
    Gift of Estates

    Land Tax
    Scroll Rack

    Stoneforge Mystic
    Enlightened Tutor

    Gift of Estates is a slow slow Ancestral Recall with Irrigated Farmland and Scattered Groves so maybe Tithe is just better but not even good. There are lots of reasons why Gift of Estates and the cycling dual lands are bad. It is slow and we need to play bad cards but it can make cards like Abolish playable. There are things to explore.

    The cantrip-painlands package can be combined with basics Plains and Land Tax engine, at least in Mono White.

    There is an opportunity for White to make a manabase that can dodge lands flood in the early game (cycling dual lands) AND/OR in the late game (cantrip-pain lands) AND/OR gain card advantage with Land Tax engine.

    (Yes, playing Brainstorm, Ponder and Preordain + fetchlands does the same.)

    There is something to do maybe ? I'm not sure it goes somewhere but just want to share the ideas.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    I don't know about mono G, but I think this idea just doesn't work in Parfait. Because it's already a slow deck, you can't really afford to play that many tap-land especially when you want to cast Land Tax T1.

    About the”Sac:Draw” lands, I guess you could play some number Sunbaked Canyon in Rw but it would probably be a liability to play more than 4 considering your health would suffer too much. Also, the argument to play Batterskull doesn't make sense: Parfait doesn't play any creatures because it nullifies a good chunk of your opponent deck that way.
    Quote Originally Posted by Weapon X View Post
    The only glass cannon here is the pilot.
    I play decks with a lot of white enchantments, and white isn't even my favorite color.

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    Re: Modern Horizons Spoilers

    I picked up some foil Force of Despairs. They were only €5 while Force of Negation is €120.

    To me, Force of Despair is like Remove Soul, while also giving you the tools to hit Dredge and Phoenix. It's kind of bad against Reanimator and Sneak Attack, because once Griselbrand hits the battlefield, it's too late anyway, but still I don't think Force off Despair is 24 times worst than Force of Negation.

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