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Thread: The Source Secret Santa 2018

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    The Source Secret Santa 2018

    2018 Christmas: Secret Santa from the Source

    Thanks to many volunteers putting a lot of effort in the past dozen of years, our community has kept the spirit flowing. After its booming and flourishing years, the event has seen a decrease in attendance for the past 2 years. Nonetheless, I can attest they were as sweet as ever to experience:
    2017 thread:
    2016 thread:
    If you feel like giving out something special and forging some friendship in this cyber space, don't miss out this time! Much credits to UseLess for a lot of copied rules from his post!

    Your profile
    - A contributor to this forum;
    - Able to send a package worth bragging by insured shipment before 14 December (or 7 December for overseas);
    - Willing to show your appreciation and share your gift in the bragging thread

    Send me a PM with the following information before 23 November:
    - A brief motivation if you are not sure being recognized as a contributor to this forum;
    - Name and full address + alternative contact (mail/phone number/etc)
    - Shipping region (within EU, North America, or no restriction)
    - Your budget range *
    - Your wishlist **

    [*] Budget information (Courtesy of UseLess)
    With respect to the budget, Iíve seen very wide ranges over the past years of SSS. Some people have more to spend and/or give than others, but we should all remember that this is not a contest who can give most or who can give the least but get the most. You should participate if you like the idea of the gifting, doing something nice for a fellow sourcer and hopefully getting a nice package yourself that makes you remember this event.
    Ideally, Iím going to pair people that have similar budget ranges, in order to avoid major disappointments. That said, people should always realize that even if budget ranges are the same, that doesnít mean everybody can buy the same amount or type of cards with it. In particular between the EU and US, there can be some large price differences, so what is expensive in the US may not be expensive in the EU, and vice versa. Some people may buy at local shops (to say support those) where things might be more expensive than some online stores.
    In short: appreciate the gift, not the value. Donít expect to make money from this event. I will of course try to avoid having someone who spends $100+ on his gift get a gift from someone who has a range of $20-30, but value differences between giving and sending are unavoidable.

    [**] Wishlist information (Courtesy of UseLess)
    I will directly forward your wishlist to whomever will be giving you your present. Please make sure that your wishlist consists of at least some cards that are generally accessible by your average legacy player. Not everyone can get their hands on nice cards in Japanese foil. Also, be realistic. Donít fill up your wishlist with only $40+ cards, even when your own budget is $50-100. If you include some lower value cards, you can often get more from your actual wishlist than if itís just a bunch of expensive cards. If you prefer to participate in this event without a wishlist, you can state that as well.

    The Christmas spirit (Courtesy of UseLess)
    To spice up your present and give a real Christmas feel, consider also sending something in addition to cards! Things to consider:
    - A personal letter for your Ďvictimí
    - Other magic related articles (sleeves, deck boxes, playmats, etc.)
    - Candy, chocolate or other food/drink related goodies
    - Souvenirs typical for your home country

    Important deadlines
    - Registration: 23 November 2018
    - Pairings information: 25 November 2018
    - Overseas shipment: 7 December 2018
    - Domestic shipment: 14 December 2018
    - Receipt and bragging: as early as you wish, but please do support the community by sharing your experience!

    Stay tuned!

    - taconaut
    - Dan Pyre
    - UseLess
    - meffeo
    North America
    - Goin Aggro
    - ronco
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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    I'm in, as usual.
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    This thread is great. I've been able to save so much money on seasoning! Whenever I'm eating something bland, I just wander over here to borrow some of the infinite salt.

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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    Much better start than my 2016 attempt.

    I'll join in as usual, thanks
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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    Count me in again!

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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    I'm in, as well!

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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by PirateKing View Post
    Much better start than my 2016 attempt.

    I'll join in as usual, thanks
    Thank you PirateKing, we all remember you single handedly rescued the tradition
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    Yep DCI/Wizards never fails... those that cry the loudest wins!

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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    Great to see this initiative taken to keep the SSS alive! I had given up on seeing a thread emerge by now, but very happy Tsabo that you're taking the effort now. I'm definitely in for overseas :). I think last year went pretty well, so I have good hopes for this year! You'll get a PM with my info and wishlist a bit later. I got to figure out what to put on that list first.
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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    I'm in
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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    I'm in again for this year! Looking forward to shipping something across the pond :)

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    Re: The Source Secret Santa 2018

    I'll do this this year. Sounds like fun. PM incoming.
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