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Thread: The Legacy Pit Open

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    The Legacy Pit Open

    The Legacy Pit Open Tournament

    The Legacy Pit announces: The Legacy Pit Open. The format for the Open will be Legacy, and will take place on September 18, 2021. It will feature live coverage & commentary, Legacy side events, onsite vending provided by MTG FIRST / Moose Loot, onsite lodging, and dining. The event will take place at The Clarion Inn Frederick Event Center located at 5400 Holiday Drive Frederick, MD 21703. 300 tickets will be available at 6:00 pm EST on April 12, 2021 on Doors will open at 9:30 am on September 18, 2021, and the player meeting starts at 10:00 am. Properly worn face masks are required in the event space at all times. Refunds are available up to two weeks prior to the Open event date. The total cash prize payout is $10,000. First place receives $2,000 and The Legacy Pit Open Championship Title Belt.

    The Legacy Pit organizes Magic The Gathering tournaments, and streams live content every Thursday and Saturday on Twitch at 6:00 pm EST. Select content is later published on YouTube. The Legacy Pit features a comprehensive library of over 50 prebuilt Legacy decks with viewer interaction at its core. Matchup requests are honored in real time. The Legacy Pit has had some of the biggest names in Magic stopping by such as: The Professor from Tolarian Community College, PleasantKenobi, Tom Ross, Dr. Rich Shay, and many others. The Legacy Pitís brand features competitive game play, and genuine raw edgy fun that is truly unique.

    Contacts / Sites:

    Ticket Sales

    Twitch Live Stream

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    Twitter @theLegacyPit
    FaceBook Event Page
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    Re: The Legacy Pit Open

    Just wanted to point out that all 300 of the $105 tickets sold.

    So that's a good sign for the format.

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    Re: The Legacy Pit Open

    Even better- the venue added another 100 to the max capacity so they are contacting people on wait lists. Prize payout was also upped, I believe.
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    Look at the bright side, if Legacy becomes like Vintage all of us old dudes can get together, drink whiskey, and smoke cigars while we play the gentleman's format. Like an MtG speak-easy.
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