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Thread: 23rd At Eternal Weekend with TES

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    Re: 23rd At Eternal Weekend with TES


    I am halfway through but have two questions:

    1) What's your reasoning behind rd5, g1:

    " I have a slower hand, but have the lands and some cantrips. My opponent begins the game with a Grove of the Burnwillows into Exploration and he puts in Wasteland and just passes the turn. On my turn I fetch for basic Swamp and cast Duress. I see he has Dark Depths and Thespian's Stage, so I have to win next turn. I do not and am off to game two."

    Why would you want to fetch for Swamp and cast Duress here? Seems like the worst possibility even without knowing that he has land combo for the next turn. Just start cantripping there fetching for Island (which in all honesty doesn't make any sense in TES from a theoretical perspective).

    2) Regarding the board plan vs. storm decks. Why do you leave Past in Flames in your SB? Naturally, it is the best card in those MUs, where usually discard spells and potentially Flusterstorms play a big role. It's clearly better to just draw it or use one of your 4 ITs than to rely on 3 BWs to grab it. I didn't search for an explanation on the TES site though but it seems too soft to simply hope for a tutor > business line.
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